Want to do something that benefits others with your old hearing aid? Most hearing aids need to be replaced every 5-7 years. Instead of just leaving it with the audiologist or taking it home and putting it in a drawer…why not donate it to Lions Hearing Aid Program? Bridge Manitoba is partnering with Lions to promote this program.

Many of us know hearing loss as an adult. But imagine a hearing loss as an infant or child.  Normal language development, social interaction, and education are all impacted in children who have a hearing loss. The Lions Foundation program provides hearing aids to those infants and children whose families cannot afford the cost. You can help by donating your old aid.

Lions Foundation collects used hearing aids which are assessed and fully refurbished where possible. Donated hearing aids are sent to Horizon Hearing in Winnipeg for assessment. Eligible hearing aids are then forwarded to a manufacturer to be refurbished and deprogrammed. The fully refurbished hearing aids are then returned to Horizon Hearing and will be programmed specifically for the new user.  Audiologists refer hearing-impaired people to Lions Foundation for this service.  

While the number of hearing aids donated each year varies, Lions Foundation has collected over 1,500 since 2011! A great number of these aids are given to infants and children. 

The Lions Foundation hearing aid program is open to any member of our community in need of hearing aids with the only criteria being a demonstrated need for financial assistance. The application process is easy – simply forward a completed application form to the Lions Foundation office. The acceptance process, in most cases, takes about two weeks. Once approved, an appointment is made for the applicant to visit Horizon Hearing.

Manitoba Bridge would like to help. We are placing a box at our location where you can drop off any old aids you would like to donate. We will ensure that the aids are taken to Lions Manor.

Joan Clasen has been a proponent of this program and will work to help it operate smoothly. If you have any questions, please contact Joan or a Board member. This is an opportunity to give back to our community and help those in need.

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