In order to provide our members with a larger variety of games and a larger number of tables at each game, beginning Monday, September 12th we will be amalgamating our Virtual Club games with those of Saskatoon, Regina, and Prince Albert. Beginning September 12th, players wishing to register for any of the games, including those of Bridge Manitoba, Ambassador, and KW, will find the games on BBO by searching for "vacb137844". Once you have found the game you wish to play in, you can register for it in exactly the same way as you do now, at the same cost as you are paying now (4 BB$ for regular games, 5 BB$ for ACBL Special Events with higher MP rewards and higher sanction fees).

Note that the days/times for our current games will not change, but there will now be many additional options. Several of the new games being offered are "limited games", meaning that they are only available to players with less than a certain number of MPs, similar to our KW Monday evening 0-199 virtual game. The level of MPs for the game will be prefixed by "U" in the title. For example, a game whose title contains "U500" will accept players with <500 MPs.

Below is a schedule of all of the virtual games that will be available for our members starting September 12thPLEASE NOTE that all start times listed below are in Manitoba time.


  • Monday @6:30 p.m. U200  (KW)
  • Monday @7 p.m. Open (KW)
  • Tuesday @12 p.m. Open (Ambassador)
  • Tuesday @8 p.m. U300 (Saskatchewan game)
  • Thursday @2 p.m. U500 (Saskatchewan game)
  • Thursday @8 p.m. U300  (Saskatchewan game)
  • Friday @12 p.m. Open (Bridge Manitoba)
  • Friday @8 p.m. U1500 (Saskatchewan game)

On November 6th, when  Daylight Savings Time ends, the start times for the Saskatchewan games above will change. An email will be sent out at that point to clarify the new times.

When our players play in any of the above games, the net proceeds are paid to Manitoba, so please come out and support us!



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