Intended audience: Newer/Intermediate; All


Both vul, as south you hold: ♠- KJ109432 109 ♣8653

















What do you bid?



Responding to takeout doubles is one of the first things a newer player should master. Essentially:


  1.     1. You must bid as responder. Bid your best unbid suit (even if a 3 card suit!)with less than 8 pts.


  1.     2. A jump in a suit is constructive showing the equivalent of 8-10 HCPs, with values good for offence or defence.


  1.     3. 1NT responses shows about 8-10 HCPs with a stopper in their suit.


  1.     4. A cue bid shows invitational values, around 10-12.


  1.     5. A double jump is a hand with 6-7 cards and preemptive values. Thus, 3is the correct call on this hand. BONUS QUESTION: If partner now bids 4♠ what is your call?


  1.     6. If partner bids a new suit over your response it shows a hand too good for an overcall (17-20). If partner jumps it shows 21+ and is forcing with a single suited hand. For example:


West   North   East  South


1♣        Dbl       P      1

P         2♠


2♠ on this auction would be made on something like (a): ♠AKJ10xx Kx AQ ♣A53, whereas 1♠ would be bid on the same hand, less the A♣.


Answer to bonus question: Pass! Partner has a hand something like (a), where he can make game in his own hand but wanted to try for slam. His actual hand on this deal from Phoenix: ♠AKQJ1082 A6 54 ♣KQ


Important things to remember regarding takeout doubles:


  1.      1. A response at a minimum level could be very weak, and may be made on a three cared suit!


  1.      2. A new suit by opener after he doubles shows 17+ with a hand too good to overcall, and does not promise support for the other unbid suits.


  1.      3. Because of that, care should be taken not to jump to the four or the five level as the responder to the doubler.


  1.      4. If partner doubles and then next hand bids a suit, a double by you says I have 4+ cards in right hand opponent’s suit and at least6 HCPs).


     5. A corollary to #6 above, if partner doubles, cue bids and then bids a suit, this is FORCING, likely with a very good two-suiter hand, such as ♠AKxx AK AKQJxx ♣x.



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