CBC Minutes of Planning Meetings

DECEMBER 10, 2016

In attendance: Dave Brough, John Hindle, Charles Pang, Marlene Pontifex, Mavis Bollman, Brian Macri, Dave West, Ann Wolfman, Doug Fisher, Marielle Brentnall, Deloris Ankrom, Shirley Galler

General overview of the event was given by John Hindle and Dave Brough.
Venue is the Radisson Hotel Downtown Winnipeg All games start at 10.00 AM and will end by 6.00 PM
We are expecting to have up to 500 people attending. The Team events which are the CNTC competition are Open, B, C, Seniors, Ladies these start on Saturday April 29 2017. The Regional Tournament starts Monday May 1, 2017.
There will be 2 Hospitality Suites available for our use throughout.
This event comes to Winnipeg every 10 years and we wish to it to be a memorable event for all who attend.

Requirements: Fundraising Chairs Dave Brough John Hindle Logistics Chair Doug Fisher Marketing Chair Dave West Entertainment Caddies Hospitality Registration Table Gift Bags

Fundraising events have been planned we already had 2 Bridge Games one Texas Holdem and Grey Cup tickets. 2 more Texas Holdem and 3 more Bridge Games are in the works. Doug and Marlene will check out the possibility of participating in a Bingo.

Logistics require a lot of clarification from the CBF. Duplication of Boards |Number of Boards required, Tables, Screens, Cards, Bidding Boxes. Duplicating Machines all items will need to be purchased, rented. Until this info is received our planning is somewhat limited. We can list what we have in our Unit as a starting point.

Marketing WE plan to sell advertising for the program info will be provided by Dave Brough from the CBF as to the size of the booklet they will print. Plans to sell front and back and inside covers along with other pages through out the program. We will also look at selling sponsorship for hospitality. Example sponsor a morning breakfast or an after game event.

Dave West will chair this and asks for assistance from all. Please report any and all businesses canvassed whether successful or not so he can compile a listing.
Restaurants will be canvassed for discounts specials etc. These could be included in the advertising or listed separately at the registration table.
Another suggestion was to sell individual sponsorships. Idea to be developed.
Entertainment was discussed.
Art Gallery will be contacted by Ann Wolfman
Manitoba Museum will be contacted by Mavis Bollman.
In house events for entertaining will be discussed.
Registration Table will be required for the CNTC Events.
Gift bags will need to be assembled, also items will need to be procured for the bags. Ideas are requested for what and or which business we could contact for items.
Hospitality is a huge undertaking morning sessions will be required for 9 mornings and also for 9 after games in late afternoon.

To Do List
Program size ads etc
Duplication of Boards
Number of Boards Required
Bidding Boxes
Duplicating Machines
In House
Price list for Ads Sponsorships
Art Gallery
Manitoba Museum
In House Entertainment
Other Ideas
Compile a listing of Unit 181 Boards et

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