CBC Minutes of Planning Meetings

JANUARY 21, 2017

In attendance: John Hindle, Charles Pang, Dave West, Ann Wolfman, Marielle Brentnall, Deloris Ankrom, Shirley Galler, Sylvia Philipps, Jim Sanders, Keran Sanders, Maarit MacMahon, Dave Kirby, Ray Hornby, Sandy Tapper, Doug Pearson

General overview of the event was given by John Hindle, Today’s meeting will be only about the logistics of moving equipment, volunteers, appointing chair persons of each event, etc.
Venue is the Radisson Hotel Downtown Winnipeg All games start at 10.00 AM and will end by 6.00 PM
We are expecting to have up to 500 people attending. The Team events which are the CNTC competition are Open, B, C, Seniors, Ladies these start on Saturday April 29 2017. The Regional Tournament starts Monday May 1, 2017.
There will be 2 Hospitality Suites available for our use throughout.
This event comes to Winnipeg every 10 years and we wish to it to be a memorable event for all who attend.

Fundraising Chairs Dave Brough John Hindle
Logistics Chair Doug Fisher
Marketing Chair Dave West
Caddies Chair Sylvia Phillips
Hospitality Chair David Kirby
Registration Table
Gift Bags
Duplicating Boards
Vu Graph Chair Doug Pearson
Fundraising events 2 more Texas Holdem and 3 more Bridge Games are in the works. Doug and Marlene will check out the possibility of participating in a Bingo.
Logistics: Doug Fisher Chair:
Screens will need to be transported and stored after the event
Boards to be moved
Tables to be moved
Supplies – convention cards, pencils, bidding boxes, etc
Moving Company Sponsorship?

Board Duplication Chair???????????????????????
100 sets of boards are required 80 sets to be done before tournament starts. We will have 2 machines and every day will require2-3 people to duplicate the boards Note anyone playing in the event cannot duplicate the boards.
We have ordered another duplimate machine.
We need an inventory of what we have in Unit 181 as to boards, cards, convention cards, pencils etc

Marketing Chair Dave West
Marielle will email list of 2007 Sponsors to Dave.
A form has been made available to take to potential sponsors with prices, and a listing of what we would like..an advertisement in the bulletin, sponsorship of hospitality, a breakfast, coffee in other words anything we can get. Deadline April 1, 2017 for ads.
Please inform Dave West of whom has been contacted and by who and whether successful or not.
Restaurants will be canvassed for discounts specials etc. These could be included in the advertising or listed separately at the registration table.
Another suggestion was to sell individual sponsorships. Idea to be developed.

Hospitality Chair David Kirby
This is a massive undertaking
Marielle will mail to Dave a list of what we did in 2007
Breakfast for 9 or 10 days 8-10 AM
Require supplies to be brought in and volunteers for the room. Coffee pastries, yogurt, etc.
Evening Room to be open from 6-10PM??
Beer 80-24’s and wine to be transported, operate a Tooney Bar ?? Require hosts or hostesses and bar tenders. Require snacks soft drinks to be transported.
Suggest we run 2 shifts of 2 hours each.
Discussion ensued whether entertainment was necessary. To provide in suite John will go to the hotel to see room and decide if feasible to have local talent for 2 nights.
Entertainment still a possibility Manitoba Museum has been contacted. We require transportation John to contact Beaver Bus Lines for pricing.
Another suggestion was that we use our Facility for an evening and have entertainment here.

Registration Chair???????????????????
Registration Table will be required for the CNTC Events.
Gift bags will need to be assembled, also items will need to be procured for the bags. Ideas are requested for what and or which business we could contact for items.

Vu Graph Chair Doug Pearson
This will be required for the Canadian Championship for 4 days Wed to Sat starting with the quarter finals.
8 people will be required for the first two days and then 4 people per day for 2 days.
Lap Tops will be required.

Caddies Chair Sylvia Philipps:
Requirement 3 per session for the first 4 days, and later in the week 1 per session.

To Do List CBF more info
Program Ads Sales
Duplication of Boards
Bidding Boxes
Duplicating Machines
In House listing of supplies

Manitoba Museum
In House Entertainment
Bus Transport
Volunteers and more Volunteers

Next meeting February 4, 2017 at 10.30 AM at the Facility

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