CBC Minutes of Planning Meetings

FEBRUARY 4, 2017

In attendance: John Hindle, Charles Pang, Dave West, Marielle Brentnall, Deloris Ankrom, Shirley Galler, Sylvia Philipps, Dave Kirby, Carolyn Douglas, Susan Johnson, Lynn Stevens, Elsie Ball

Venue is the Radisson Hotel Downtown Winnipeg. This venue was toured by Bob Kuz, Dave West and John Hindle. There are challenges that need to be hurdled. 2 Hospitality rooms are on the 15th floor, across from each other. The hotel will remove the couches beds etc and install chairs along the walls. Suggest we use one room for the food and coffee, both rooms have bar set ups.

Fundraising Chairs Dave Brough John Hindle
Logistics Chair Doug Fisher
Marketing Chair Dave West
Caddies Chair Sylvia Philipps
Hospitality Chair David Kirby Sandy Tapper and Shirley Pearlman for evening and Pete and Gisele hired for morning.
Duplicating Boards Anne Wolfman, Bernia Brandstaedter, Carolyn Douglas
Vu Graph Chair Doug Pearson

We have the following committed to an ad
Dealer 4
Your HRS

Follow ups needed:
Lazer Grant
City of Winnipeg
Exchange Group
Downtown Group
Investors Group
Egg Marketing Board.. Susan Johnson will contact
Labbatts Bob Kuz Contacting
Manitoba Hydro
Red River Co-op
Restaurants Maarit MacMahon contacting

Hospitality rooms will open in the morning 8-9.45 AM Evening after game and close at 9.00PM
Suggest we prepare a map for restaurants etc in the area for ease of the players to locate.

Saturday Evening will be the Grand Opening reception
Monday Evening.. Human Rights Museum tour. At 6.00 PM busses will transport players to the Forks, where they are on their own until they are again picked up and transported to the Museum for a tour starting at 8.00 PM Tour will be 11/2 hours, the return by Bus to the Radisson. There will be a cost associated with this and will listed on the CBF Website. Advance sign up is required.
Sunday, Tuesday and Friday evenings busses can be arranged to go to our Casinos. Advance notice is required and a minimum of 12 people are required for the Casino to arrange participation. But after the minimum of 12 we can fill up the busses. Marlene Pontifex in charge.
Wednesday Evening is the Hall of Fame induction ceremony, this will be hosted by the CBF. Hospitality rooms will be opened after the ceremony. This requires upgraded and expanded food service.
Note the committee in attendance was asked if there should be another day of entertainment and it was unanimous that there should not be as what we had was already much more than anyone who had attended these events in other cities experienced. Our resources of volunteers are already taxed.
Marielle will contact Ina Demme re the number of caddies required each day.
Goodie Bags were thought not to be needed. Any items we collect could be left on the information table to be picked up by the players.
John has produced sign up sheets for volunteers to slot the time they are available to assist in the numerous positions required. These will be posted at the Facility.
A mass email with information will be prepared and will be sent to all Unit 181 Members.
We require a link on website for Regional, CBF, and CNTC Competitions. .

To Do List
CBF more info
Program Ads Sales
Duplication of Boards
Bidding Boxes
Duplicating Machines
In House listing of supplies
Manitoba Museum
In House Entertainment
Bus Transport
Volunteers and more Volunteers

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