We are pleased to announce that face to face games at Soul Sanctuary will recommence on Monday, October 4th. Our first couple of weeks of in-person games will be Club Championship games, so extra black points will be awarded!

In order to help ensure everyone's safety, the following protocols will be in place:

  • proof of full vaccination will be required and verified
  • in compliance with current provincial mandates, masks will have to be worn at all times
  • hand sanitizer will be available at each table
  • food and drink will NOT be provided, and food will not be allowed in. Drinks may be brought in.

In addition to the in-person games, we will continue to offer a number of games online through our Virtual Clubs. Below is the complete weekly game schedule. This schedule is subject to change.

Live games at Soul:
Mondays @12:15: Restricted (0-2000)/0-199 Pairs; partnerships Dave (204)255-5823 or Shirley (204)390-4083
Tuesdays @12:15: Open/0-199 Pairs; partnerships Bill (431)337-5328
Wednesdays @12:15: Open/0-199 Pairs, mini-lesson by Doug Fisher at 11:30; partnerships Liliane (204)955-2253(text) or Shirley (204)390-4083
Wednesdays @7:15: Teams; partnerships Bill (431)337-5328
Thursdays @12:15: Open/0-199 Pairs, mini-lesson by Bill Treble at 11:30; partnerships Bill (431)337-5328
Saturdays @12:30: Teams; partnerships Deloris (204)795-4361 or Marielle (204)231-6021

Virtual Club games:
Fridays @12:00: Open Pairs, 5 BB$; partnerships Gloria (204)995-2423
Sundays @12:00: Open Pairs, 5 BB$; partnerships Liliane (204)955-2253(text)
Thursdays @6:30 p.m.: 0-199 Pairs, 4 BB$; partnerships Bill (431)337-5328
Mondays @7:00 p.m: Open Pairs, 4 BB$; partnerships Bill (431)337-5328

Please note that if there are insufficient table counts for the afternoon 0-199 sections, it may be necessary to combine the two sections.


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