Sectional Tournament at Clubs (STaC)
Wed, 14 Feb 2024 12:15 pm - 3:30 pm
Marsha Kimelman
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Bridge Manitoba will be holding a Sectional Tournament at Clubs (STaC) game at Soul Sanctuary on Wednesday, February 14th, at our regular game time of 12:15 pm. All points awarded will be silver. The Unit will be partially subsidizing this event, with card fees set to $10.

This is a great opportunity to win some silver, so please come out and play!

For partner/teammates please contact Dave West at 204-255-5823 or

Upcoming Events


Sat, 21 Sep 2024 10:00 am - 3:00 pm


Wed, 25 Sep 2024 - Sat, 28 Sep 2024

What are these Events

Part of the Canadian Bridge Federation (CBF) mandate is to facilitate the selection of Canadian representatives to annual World Championships. To do that the CBF holds annual championships, usually in May, to select the following teams:


  • Open Teams (CNTC Flight A)
  • Women’s Teams (CWTCs, now a stand-alone event held in the summer)
  • Seniors Teams (CSTCs)


A lot of people do not realize that there are other events held during the eight days of the Championship:

1.     Flight B Championship (CNTC Flight B, under 2500 master points)

2.     Flight C Championships (CNTC Flight A, under 1000 master points)

3.     Canadian IMP Pair Championships (CIPCs) Cash prize for the top two.

4.     Canadian Open Pair Championships (COPCs) Cash prize for the top three.

5.     One day Swiss                                                                              Read More




All of these five events are open to all bridge players in Canada who are CBF members. Our Unit has a formula to subsidize Unit 181 members who decide to attend the Championships.  In addition, it is possible for all players to compete in multiple events held during the week. The CNTCs and the COPCs are a grass-root event with qualifying games at the club level in the fall and winter (even if you do not qualify at the local games you may still attend and compete in the above events at the CBCs).


The CBCs location is rotated throughout Canada, and will be held in Winnipeg in 2017.


For more information please email Neil Kimelman at


Click Here to view the Unit Final format.

Every year at the Spring Nationals, there is a pairs competition for Flights A, B and C.  Every District in the ACBL chooses 3 pairs in each flight to represent their district at the finals.  Qualifying games at the club level are held in June, July and August.  District level finals are usually held in October or November and the format is decided by the District representatives. First and second place winners in each flight receive a cash prize--$700 for each member of the first place winning pair, $300 for second place winners; third place pairs do not receive reimbursement but are invited to attend.  Our District No. 2 (which includes Bermuda and all of Ontario except Ottawa) holds a final in the Fall and requires at least 5 tables in each flight in order for a location to hold the final event.


Unit 181 pays a significant amount of the additional card fees in order to play in this event.  This event is for players at all levels so come out and win a chance to represent our District.

We have 4 tournaments per year

The Erin Berry Rookie-Master Game is held each fall in clubs across Canada.  This is a special game with an emphasis on fun designed to help introduce new players to the game of duplicate bridge.  A Rookie is anyone with less than 50 masterpoints who doesn't have much experience at playing duplicate bridge.  The games are run using computer hands so that players across the country play the same deals.  The pair with the best percentage score in Canada is declared  National Winners and receive a trophy.  The pairs with the top percentage score in each Zone receives a plaque.  All club winners receive certificates.

Since this game is designed to introduce new players to duplicate bridge, the use of limited conventions is encouraged.  Following the game, hand analysis sheets prepared by top players in Canada are provided to all players.  This game is organized by the Canadian Bridge Federation.  For more information about this game and other CBF activities, please visit their website at


The Instant Matchpoint game is held across the world.

Bridge Scoring -- How Events are Divided by Groups

  • This is a type of game movement where all players are assigned to a group (strat) based on their current masterpoint holdings. Each contestant plays against players of all point ranges.  Masterpoints are awarded to leaders of each strat.  If a Strat C player scored better than one of the leaders in Strat B (a higher ranked strat), the C player will be awarded the points for Strat B.