Bridge Base Online

(Tip: If you still want to be able to see this article while following the steps open a second browser window first and then you can toggle back and forth.)

Open the website BridgeBase Online.

The following screen appears: Click on the yellow link

Takes some time to load but eventually a login window should appear. If not, then maybe you don't have Adobe Flashplayer installed. It can be downloaded for free by clicking on the "Problems Click Here" link. Once at the Adobe site it will automatically check your computer to see which version of flashplayer you need and set it up for you to download and install. Note that after the download you still have to install and activate it. On a PC you end up running an exec.file and with a Mac you click on an AdobeFlashPlayer.pkg icon. For the most part boxes will pop up telling you what to do next. If you have problems go to

Sign up by clicking on "Become a member (free!)" .

Fill in your info and click on "Log in":

It won't let you register if the username you choose is already taken - so you might have to pick something exotic. Don't sweat the details - you can change them once you are logged on.

That's it - click on Log In and you are there:

The following covers a few basic topics to get you started:

1. If you get lost while in this site just look for the "Home" button (right beside the LogOff one) at the top left of every page and you will be returned to this starting page.
(Note: If you ended inside a seperate smaller window you might have to look for a "Close" button or an X in the right upper corner and click on it first.)
Lets explore: All the instructions that follow are based on you being on the home page shown above.

2.Clicking on "BBO now" gives you a choice of interesting tables or Vugraph.
This is the area for kibitzing (watching) the experts in action. Click on any of the "join" buttons that you see once you open these links and voila you've got yourself a ringside seat. As a beginner you might not understand the bidding but you still get lots out of watching the play and defense.

3. Most everywhere in BBO you see usernames displayed (eg table lists or in "who's online") you can click on them and a box will come up with information about the player. Look for ones that have something like St Am (standard american) or SAYC(standard american yellow card) mentioned in them. When you have found someone interesting you wouldn't mind watching or playing with again in the future you can mark them as a friend (don't worry, this is not facebook) and anytime they are online their username will appear in the "who's online" "friends" window.
Lets look at that area in the top right corner:

4. Selecting "Who's Online" you have a choice of tabs : "Friends" (shows players you have marked as friends who are currently online), "Hosts" (BBO administrators you can chat with if you have problems or questions), "Stars" (accomplished BBO players - this is another source of players that might be interesting to watch) and "Kibitzers" (this tab only works when you are at a table somewhere and it tells you who else is watching that same table)

5. Ready to play yet? I recommend finding out if there are some people you know who also use BBO and marking them as friends. Then you can make a date and they can help you with learning to play online. (CAUTION Make sure whoever is helping you is also using this online version of BBO. The older version which required downloading software looks totally different. You can still play with them of course but they won't be able to help you find things.) If you know their usernames go to the bottom right corner of the "Who's Online" window.
Type their name into the box (click inside and type) and then click on the "Find member" box. Once their profile box appears you can then click on the little button to the left of the "friend" box to designate them as a friend.

6. One other thing - make sure you put something into your own profile that describes what you actually play:
If you keep getting left at the table in midhand it is probably because that profile is empty or you called yourself an expert even though you are playing strong 2s and don't know what a transfer is.

To get to your profile click on the "My BBO" button at the top and then select "User profile"
You get the same window you had when you first signed up, so make your changes and click "Save Changes"

That's as far as I will take you right now. Look for more articles about how to use BBO on our website under the Learn to Play tab.
In the meantime - Have fun with BBO - It's a wonderful resource and it is free.  

Many thanks to Bernia Brandstaedter for creating this great resource.

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