As events have unfolded in the COVID-19 pandemic, holding live bridge games has become impossible for health & legal reasons.  Since a timeline to any resolution of the current situation is unavailable, the Unit 181 board has suspended all games going forward until some resolution is in sight.  Accordingly, Learn How to Play Bridge scheduled for April 4 and the Spring Regional slated for the end of April are both cancelled along with all club games.  We will be updating the membership by email and webpage if there is a major change, monthly if not.


Unit 181 of ACBL has decided to suspend all bridge games at Soul Sanctuary immediately for a minimum of two weeks due to the threat posed by the Coronavirus.

For those of you who think this is an overreaction to the situation unfolding we hope and pray you are correct.

Logic would suggest the virus is here and will spread as it has in every other country it has shown up in.

We probably cannot stop the spread but we can dampen its effects by taking all necessary steps to prevent the spread.

The bridge community consists of mostly individuals who are most at risk to the Coronavirus.

The bridge games will be resumed when conditions on the ground indicate the threat subsiding.

The Unit web site will keep you updated.


Douglas L Fisher

President Unit 181 ACBL

We will no longer have a phone line ringing into the facility at Soul Sanctuary however there will still be the ability to leave messages by calling 204-231-6047.  Here is a list of contact numbers for board members and club directors:



MARIELLE BRENTNALL     204-228-9400
DOUG FISHER     204-803-2310
SHIRLEY GALLER     204-291-6758
JOHN HINDLE     204-782-6622
BOB KUZ     204-396-3199
RAY HORNBY     204-996-0025
DELORIS ANKROM     204-795-4361
MARLENE PONTIFEX     204-470-0154
GERRI HEWITT     204-894-7249
CAROLINE DOUGLAS     204-261-9845
SEKHAR     204-930-0625
ALEXA CAMPBELL     204-489-5471
LEN DOERKSEN     204-227-0726
BILL TREBLE     431-337-5328