Bridge Manitoba once again has custom name tags available for purchase through the end of September.  Cost of the name tag is $10 and can be ordered by contacting Bob Kuz at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.Click here to see a sample of what the name tag looks like.

Our annual end of summer Crocus Sectional gets underway starting Thursday evening, September 19 and continuing through Sunday afternoon/early evening, September 22.  Click here for the schedule and partnership information.

We will no longer have a phone line ringing into the facility at Soul Sanctuary however there will still be the ability to leave messages by calling 204-231-6047.  Here is a list of contact numbers for board members and club directors:



MARIELLE BRENTNALL     204-228-9400
DOUG FISHER     204-803-2310
SHIRLEY GALLER     204-291-6758
JOHN HINDLE     204-782-6622
BOB KUZ     204-396-3199
RAY HORNBY     204-996-0025
DELORIS ANKROM     204-795-4361
MARLENE PONTIFEX     204-470-0154
GERRI HEWITT     204-894-7249
CAROLINE DOUGLAS     204-261-9845
SEKHAR     204-930-0625
ALEXA CAMPBELL     204-489-5471
LEN DOERKSEN     204-227-0726
BILL TREBLE     431-337-5328



A series of bridge lessons for players at various levels begins in September at Soul Sanctuary.  Click here for further information.