The following are additional resources that you may find useful:

BBO -- Bridge Base Online -- great for partnership practice, watching world class events, or if you just want to sit down and play.  Find everything you need by clicking here to learn how to use this fabulous resource.

World Bridge Federation

Bridge Blog -- World class bridge players contribute regularly on this site

Andrew Robson's bridge column -- Check out Mike Shaw's favorite bridge column.  It is by one of the Commonwealth's best, and is published 6 days per week.

Frank Stewart's bridge column -- His bridge logic is as sound as his humour is bad.  Frank tends to concentrate on declarer play, but always includes a bidding problem.

Bol's Greatest Tips -- "Eight every, nine never" is just one of many tips made by the world's best players, with explanations.  Just don't start making Panther Doubles against me!

Mike Lawrence Bid and Play -- Bernia's personal favorite column features a daily bridge bidding and play problem

Vu-Bridge -- Interactive bidding and play problems for all levels.  Good site to practice your declarer play.  




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