Learn on Your Own

There are many online resources available to help you in your quest to learn to play bridge

  • Learn to Play Bridge Vols 1 and 2 -- excellent learning program offered free of charge by the American Contract Bridge League
  • Bridge Master 2000 -- excellent software to improve your declarer play; suitable for novice to expert levels 
  • Bridge Doctor -- practice your play and bidding; they have a 1 week free trial after which there is a charge but very reasonable
  • BridgeBaron  --

And then you could always return to the tried and true written word of course.

  • Audrey Grant's Website -- one of the leading developers of tools for the new player; you will find a wealth of tools on this site 
  • Books by Audrey Grant -- Bridge Basics Volumes 1 to 3; from the fundamental mechanics of the game right through to popular conventions
  • Beginning Bridge -- by Barbara Seagram, one of North America's leading bridge teachers
  • 25 Conventions You Should Know -- by Barbara Seagram for those who already have a basic understanding of bridge


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