Minutes of Meetings


Present: Unit 181 Board Members: Shirley Galler, Barry Wolk, Leigh Anne Shafer, John Hindle, Marielle Brentnall, Dave West, Deloris Ankrom, Joan Clasen, Marlene Pontifex, Bob Kuz, Doug Fisher, Ray Hornby.
Also in attendance: Len Doerksen, Jenna Tichon, Bill Treble, Gerri Hewitt

President Marielle Brentnall called the meeting to order AT 5.05 PM.

1. Adoption of the agenda: Moved by Deloris Ankrom Seconded by Dave West Carried.

2. Minutes of Meeting April 18, 2017 approved as printed. Moved by Doug Fisher, Seconded Deloris Ankrom Carried.

3. No Business arising from the minutes.

4.Presidents Report
Top Priority
Lease of premises at 1460 Chevrier Blvd will expire August 31, 2017 and will not be renewed.
Balance of meeting was looking at options for after August 31, questions of how to continue, if we should continue for bridge as we now know it to continue. Too numerous to list here.
Long Term Planning for fund raising to enable us to have our own remises was discussed.

Meeting adjourned at 7.00 PM

To Do List
1. Facility Premises Marielle, Doug, John
2. Blue book status Paulette Migie will publish Spring 2017
3. Directors/ Club Owners to announce Car Pooling at every game.
4. Acknowledge Donations.
5. Directors/Club Owners advised to announce Hand Discussion and Noise Level etc. before every game
6. Grant Reporting Bob Neudorf/Freddie Mykytyshyn
7. SWCC update on status Dave West
8. Passages volunteer required
9. Membership status on University and High Schools John Hindle
10. Mentoring Leigh Anne Shafer
11. By Laws Review Shirley Galler
12. Volunteer list for telephoning
13. Document Unit 181 History
14. Budget 2017
15. Regional Chair 2018
16. Long Term Planning
17. Fund Raising Chair required

Shirley Galler
Secretary . .

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