Minutes of Meetings


Present: Unit 181 Board Members: Shirley Galler, Barry Wolk, John Hindle, Marielle Brentnall, Deloris Ankrom, Bob Kuz, Doug Fisher, Ray Hornby, Gerri Hewitt, Joan Clasen
Also in attendance: Len Doerksen, Carolyn Douglas

President Marielle Brentnall called the meeting to order at 5.10 PM.

1. Adoption of the agenda: Moved by Gerri Hewitt Seconded by Bob Kuz Carried.

2. Minutes of Meeting June 20, 2017 approved as amended correctly posted on the internet Moved by Deloris Ankrom, Seconded Bob Kuz Carried.

3. No Business arising from the minutes.

4. Correspondence:
New Facility Location. Many letters and emails have been received by the President stating how very happy they are with that new premises have been located. Many expressed thanks to the board for all the effort put into finding same.
Existing Landlord has sent a listing of items required before we vacate the existing remises. Marielle to respond and receive an update.
The Unit 0-199 Wednesday Afternoon game will revert into a Supervised Play Game same time and continuing to be run by Carolyn Douglas

5.Treasurers Report.
Grant Report is ready for submission.
GST Ray is finalizing

6. Lease of new Premises. Soul Sanctuary Motion: Original motion made at last meeting ratified an amount of $4500.00 per month rental. Signed lease is for one year at $5,000.00 per month. A poll was conducted of the board members by e-mail agreeing to the amended amount. Moved by Doug Fisher, Seconded by John Hindle that the $5,000.00 per month be ratified. Carried

7. Facility Relocation:
Doug Fisher to chair relocation committee. Marielle Brentnall and Shirley Galler to assist.
Meeting of this committee and the Club Owners will be held Tuesday August 1, 2017 5.00 P.M. at the facility.

Motion: We allot a sum up to $5,000.00 for the costs of relocation to be spent at the discretion of the committee. Moved by Joan Clasen Seconded Doug Fisher Carried.

8. Special Events
September Sectional Tentative dates September 14-17, 2017 plans are to hold at new Facility. Bob will confirm with Soul Sanctuary.
November Sectional November 9-12, 2017 again confirm with Soul Sanctuary
Regional 2018 tentative end of April again will check with Soul Sanctuary. NAP Nov 5, 2017 will require a venue
LBIAD proposed date Saturday September 23, 2017

9. Membership Committee. John Hindle gave an update from their last meeting. School education program was discussed and decided that the effort required would be better spent on programs that would see immediate results in bridge attendance at our games. Propose to run programs at Seniors Centres and Adult Education Centres. Mentoring has been added under the Membership jurisdiction. Plans are to relaunch and rejuvenate this program.

10. Congratulations to Bill Treble who not only amassed 10,000 master points but was honoured at the Nationals in Toronto with an award for book of the year for his latest Bridge Book. A celebration of these achievements will be held at the Gala Event planned for this fall. Date of this event to be announced.

11. Long Term Financing Committee has been struck to be chaired by Hellar Nakonechny.

Next Unit 181 Board Meeting August 22, 2017 5.00 P.M at the Facility
Meeting adjourned at 7.00 PM

To Do List
Blue book status Paulette Migie will publish Spring 2017
Acknowledge Donations.
Directors/Club Owners advised to announce Hand Discussion and Noise Level etc. before every game
Grant Reporting Bob Neudorf/Freddie Mykytyshyn
SWCC update on status Dave West
Passages volunteer required
Volunteer list for telephoning
Document Unit 181 History
Budget 2017
Regional Chair 2018
Long Term Planning
Relocation Committee Doug Fisher

Shirley Galler

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