Minutes of Meetings


Present: Unit 181 Board Members: Shirley Galler, Barry Wolk, John Hindle, Marielle Brentnall, Bob Kuz, Ray Hornby, Leigh Anne Shafer, Dave West, Deloris Ankrom

President Marielle Brentnall called the meeting to order at 5.30 PM.

1. Adoption of the agenda: Moved Deloris Ankrom seconded by Dave West Carried.

2. Minutes of Meeting December 12, 2017 approved as printed. Moved by Shirley Galler, Seconded Deloris Ankrom Carried.

3. Business arising out of the minutes went over the to do list
1. Blue Book Ray to issue listing of telephone numbers to Leigh Anne who will incorporate email address and will be available for publishing Spring of 2018
2. Acknowledge Donations. Marielle will complete list with assistance of Treasurer these will be posted on Web Site. March 2018
3. SWCC up date on status. Dave West will contact Councillor for update
4. Telephoning Committee will be taken over by Membership Committee
5. Document Unit 181 History on hold
6. Budget 2018 will circulate copy next Board Meeting Treasurer
7.Long Term Planning on Agenda
8.Partnerrship Co-ordinator On hold
9. Update on Lease Dispute on Agenda
10.Charitable Status Need to locate a Bridge Unit in Canada that has this status Marielle/Dave
11.GST filing complete next meeting Ray

4. Correspondence:
Sekhar made a request via email re China Dolls. Board decision was not to get involved it was up to individuals to do their own thing.
Letter from Brian Pauls re the dispute with the previous landlord. He needs clarification of emails that were sent. Marielle to provide.
Norma No Trump is being continued to be published. Author is unknown. Joan Clasen has offered to assist.
A new Unit has been added to District 2 Niagara Falls has split from the Toronto Unit 166 and will become Unit 255. Marielle welcomed them and took the opportunity to give them some insight on our position in District 2 re the Finals in NAP and GNT and asked for their support.

5. Club Owners Report. No report

6 Facility Operations Shirley Galler presented spread sheets with tables counts for the year 2017and a listing by year since July 1, 2014 when the Unit took over the Facility.

7. Special Events
2018 Regional will be held commencing either October 16 or 23 2018 at Soul Sanctuary Program in progress
January 2018 Winter Tournament will be held Friday and Saturday January 26 and January 27 at Soul Sanctuary.
LBIAD will be held Saturday January 20, 2018 at Soul Sanctuary. 12 tables registered
Event Calendar will be produced by Carolyn Douglas.

8. Treasurer’s Report
Received a Profit and Loss statement to December 31, 2017.

9. Membership No Report

10.Long Term Planning The Board has confirmed that we will agree for the LTP committee to pursue. To report at the next meeting

11.Fund Raising Committee held an instructive meeting with a Professional Fund raiser. Received info on ways to start the process.

Next Unit 181 Board Meeting Tuesday February 27, 2018 5.30 P.M at the New Facility Soul Sanctuary.

Meeting adjourned at 7.00 PM

To Do List all comments on this is in the Business arising from the last minutes. Will leave list on until items are completed.
1. Blue book
2. Acknowledge Donations.
3. SWCC update on status Dave
4. Volunteer list for telephoning
5. Document Unit 181 History
6. Budget 2018
7. Long Term Planning
8. Partnership co-ordinator
9. Update on Lease Dispute
10. Charitable Status
11. GST filing

Shirley Galler

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