Minutes of Meetings


Present: Unit 181 Board Members: Shirley Galler, Barry Wolk, Ray Hornby, Marielle Brentnall, Doug Fisher, Deloris Ankrom, Dave West Absent: Gerri Hewitt, David Kirby, Gloria Woloshyn, Marsha Kimelman, Bob Kuz, John Hindle
Also in attendance Sekhar & Carolyn Douglas

President Doug Fisher chaired the meeting. Called to order 5.10 PM Quorum declared
Minutes of Meeting January 14 approved as circulated. Moved by Marielle Brentnall, Seconded by Ray Hornby CarrIed.

1 New Items Barry has a collection of email addresses from our January Tournament he will pass on to Marsha for entry into Data base. Discussion on the need for a wireless mike to be available for use at the facility. Our old system is currently in storage. Doug will approach Soul Sanctuary to discuss options we have. Education issue discussed. We require a chair for this position, Currently there are only beginner lessons provided after the LBIAD. We do have successful supervised play games where our new players can enjoy the game, WE also have on Monday and Wednesday afternoon a game for newer players. This will be on the agenda at a future meeting. 2. Business arising out of the minutes Director Training 4 exams written and currently being graded at the ACBL. One more to write and to be sent to ACBL
Friday game directors have been assigned to the end of Feb
Tuxedo Monday game the Unit has taken over is running smoothly.
Larry Cohen Update currently 118 people registered Maximum capacity 140. We will compile a waiting list if we go over the capacity.

3.Special Events.
Regional April 21-26 organized. Programs have been distributed.
Learn How to play Bridge in one day Next event will be April 4, 2020. Require pre registration and earlier promotion. Event Brite to be used.

4. Equipment
New Printer installed some issues with the programming will be completed next week.
New Dealer 4 installed (a dream to operate) Old Dealer 4 Machine has been sent to the dealer to be refurbished and will be maintained as a spare
Bea Akkerman will do the cleaning and maintenance of the new Dealer 4 Machine. Shirley has a copy of the instructions and will provide same. As the Unit will require a monthly usage total Shirley will provide a reporting sheet.

5. Next meeting Tuesday March 10, 2020 5.00 PM Soul Sanctuary
Meeting adjourned 6.10 PM
Shirley Galler Secretary

To Be Completed List
Recognition of Donations
Club Director updating session requires a co-ordinator
Reinforcing the ethics of the game ,the nice play Policy etc John
Education Chair
Wireless MIke

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