Minutes of Meetings




Present: Unit 181 Board Members:  Shirley Galler, Deloris Ankrom, Marsha Kimelman, Ray Hornby, Gloria Woloshyn, Marielle Brentnall, Gerri Hewitt,

Regrets Doug Fisher, Dave West


Meeting held via Zoom


 President Ray Hornby chaired the meeting. Called to order 4.00 PM



1.      Minutes of Meeting June 27, 2022 approved as printed Moved by Deloris Ankrom , Seconded Marielle Brentnall Carried


2.     Update on Unit Live Games - Average over 7 week period June 1- July 16 Wed 7 tables, Sat 4 tables


3.     Update on Unit Virtual Games – 3 tables per game.  One was cancelled



4.     Enquiries are being made to pool virtual games starting in Sept with Saskatoon, Regina  Update next meeting


5.     Treasurer report Ray announced GST has been de registered. He will bring Financials up to date and will hand over to Marielle


6.     Sectional Tournament date set October 21, 2022. Friday Pair Games Saturday Swiss Teams Paulette to get sanctions, Marsha will research ACBL re reporting and Directing requirements.


7.     Facility Operations  Ray/ Marielle will research Kerig machines to supply coffee at our games. Straw Poll of our members will be taken re Vaccine Requirements.  Masks will remain optional.

Equipment Maintenance Doug will resource new pads to replace missing from our chairs.  Shirley will check Bridge Mates, Bidding Boxes, Supplies.  Marielle will ensure we have an extra printer cartridge on hand. Ray/Doug will rotate tables to ensure we have ones in good shape being used Dealer Machine Freddie will contact a technician


8.     Next meeting Monday August 22,2022 4.00 PM via Zoom



Meeting adjourned 5.45 PM Moved Gloria Woloshyn, Seconded Marsha Kimelman Carried


Shirley Galler, Secretary

























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