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7:30 pm Thu, 25 Apr 2019 - 9:30 pm Sun, 28 Apr 2019

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New Members
Jack B Rusen
Bonnie H Stephenson

Junior Master
Janice Thoroski

Life Master
Gerri S Hewitt

Gold Life Master
Gord M Pippy

Updated April 1, 2019

Wow! Over 70%

Ganesan Sekhar & Signy Stewart 75.91%
April 10/19 Helen Shields RM game
Sue Moore & Bill Treble 75.41%
April 08/19 @ Kirkfield-Westwood
Bob Todd & Ray Hornby 70.91%
April 02/19 @ Ambassador BC
Les Robinson & John Sidlowich 70.00%
March 29/19 @ Bridge Manitoba
Ray Hornby & Doug Fisher 70.60%
March 12/19 @ Ambassador BC

Polar Bear Sectional


Top A Players
 Ray Hornby 15.55
 Marielle Brentnall 15.55
 Doug Fisher 13.42
 Bob Todd 13.42
 Gord Pippy 11.06

Top B Players (under 2000 MPs)
 Aurel Chartier 7.77
 Cathy Fritsch 6.51
 Roman Puzant 6.29
 Lynn Stevens 5.73
 Ben Yue 5.73

Top C Players (under 500 MPs)
 Aurel Chartier 7.77
 Roman Puzant 6.29
 Marsha Kimelman 4.04
 Sam McLean 3.15
 Edith Olson 3.14


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Scoring, Flighting--How does it all work?

There are many events with different levels allowing players from all levels the ability to participate.  Understanding flights, stratas and all the bridge lingo can be confusing.  Check out this link for definitions or feel free to ask one of the board members or event planners for more information.  You can reach us as tournaments@bridgemanitoba.org