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      As more of us are using BBO for both virtual club and for casual play, it seemed appropriate to provide some information regarding convention cards on BBO. The ACBL strongly...

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    • BBO Virtual Games


      Bridge Manitoba, Ambassador Bridge Club, and Lorraine's Bridge Club have begun running ACBL-sanctioned games on BBO using Virtual Clubs. Please support our clubs during these...

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      As I’m sure most of you are aware, the Covid-19 pandemic is not likely to be going away any time soon. The pandemic and accompanying health restrictions mean our bridge club will not...

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Lily Pedersen: November 11, 1935 - June 13, 2021 - It is with deep sadness that the family announces the passing of Lily Pedersen on June 13 at the age of 85. Lily passed peacefully, with her loving husband near her side. (click here for full passage)

Lois Ackerman: June 13, 1937 - March 13, 2021 - It is with deep sadness that our family announces the passing of our beautiful mama, Lois Ackerman, at her home, surrounded by her children (click here for full passage)

Hank Mesman: March 11, 2021 - Ferociously independent until the end, Henricus (Hank) Mesman passed away at St. Boniface Hospital in Winnipeg on March 11, 2021. (click here for full passage)

Bernia Brandstaedter: 1953 - February 27, 2021 - We are saddened to announce that our dear friend, Bernia Catherine Brandstaedter, passed away peacefully on February 27, 2021, under a brilliant snow moon. (click here for full passage)

Alma Pippy: February 17, 2021 - It is with sadness that we announce the quiet passing of Alma Anna Bertha Pippy, following a brief hospitalized illness at the age of 92. (click here for full passage)





Special Events--Are they for me?

There are many special events throughout the year.  These events are usually for everyone and we'd encourage you to come and play in them.  Some require prequalification, some are specifically for new players, others for seniors so check out this section for more information.

Upcoming Events

No events found

Latest Bridge Problems

Special Achievements


May - June

Junior Masters
 Helen Forrest
 Jill Fox
 Eileen Marshall
 Marta Smith

Club Masters
 Allan Finkel
 Margaret Meulendyk
 Gisele Pantel

Sectional Masters
 Leigh A Chenoweth
 Claudette Blunderfield

Regional Masters
 David Olenic
 Wayne Walker

Gold Life Masters
 Elsie Ball


Updated July 3, 2021

Wow! Over 70%

Bob Hatch & Doug Fisher 73.17%
March 11/20 @ Bridge Manitoba
Joan McFarlane & Marie Rondeau 74.44%
March 02/20 @ Bridge Manitoba
Marsha Kimelman & Roman Puzant 71.06%
February 26/20 @ Bridge Manitoba
Don Pearsons & Brian Dixon 71.53%
February 18/20 @ Ambassador Bridge
Bob Hatch & Doug Fisher 71.06%
February 12/20 @ Bridge Manitoba

Polar Bear

Top A Players
 12.10 Robert Kuz
 11.46 Ganesan Sekhar
 10.45 Paulette Desaulniers
 9.64 Raymond Hornby
 9.64 Marielle Brentnall

Top B Players (under 2000 MPs)
 10.45 Paulette Desaulniers
 6.96 Jerry Burdeski,
 5.47 Brian Robinson
 4.95 Mike Szestopalow
 4.95 Gongwei He

Top C Players (under 500 MPs)
 4.95 Mike Szestopalow
 4.95 Gongwei He
 4.41 Liliane Tremblay
 3.86 Gerald Wiens
 2.87 Keran Sanders
 2.87 Jim Sanders

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Scoring, Flighting--How does it all work?

There are many events with different levels allowing players from all levels the ability to participate.  Understanding flights, stratas and all the bridge lingo can be confusing.  Check out this link for definitions or feel free to ask one of the board members or event planners for more information.  You can reach us as tournaments@bridgemanitoba.org